Four Ways to Make Dental Care At Home Fun for Your Kids 

Preventative Dentistry for Children in Darien, CT

Have your child brush their teeth with you – Children like to copy what their parents are doing because they want to be like them. Brushing your teeth with your child will create a visual for them to copy which … Continued

The Importance of Preventative Dentistry for Children 

Preventative Dentistry for Children in Darien, CT

Some people believe that pediatric dental care is not very important because a child’s teeth will eventually fall out anyway, but that’s not true. Preventative dentistry for children is something that should be taken seriously, as it paves the way … Continued

Dental X-Rays for Kids: Are They Safe?

dental x-rays for kids

Getting x-rays done is part of the routine dental visit, but are dental x-rays for kids safe? Dental teams take the utmost care when performing dental x-rays on patients of all ages. Not only do they use protective clothing and … Continued

Is Candy That Bad for Your Teeth Health?

teeth health

Everyone has heard that too much candy can harm your dental health. But how much candy is too much, and is candy really that bad for your teeth health? What Effects Can Candy Have on Teeth? Candy contains high levels … Continued

Is Thumb Sucking Bad for My Baby and Toddler’s Teeth?

Toddler's teeth

Thumb sucking is a normal form of self-soothing for children, similar to wanting a blanket or pacifier before bed. However, the American Dental Association notes thumb sucking usually ends between the ages of two to four. There are some repeat … Continued

5 Nutrition Tips To Keep Healthy Teeth for Kids

It’s important to start teaching your kids about nutrition and good oral habits from a young age. The current state of children’s oral health is not good, with nearly 60% of kids aged 6 to 11 years old having at … Continued

Do Dental Fillings For Kids Hurt?

Dental fillings for kids are a standard procedure that is often performed. While many parents are worried about whether or not a cavity filling will hurt their children, the truth is that they usually don’t cause much pain. Different types … Continued

Why Use a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist?

When caring for your kids, it’s crucial to guarantee that they get the best dental care and healthcare available. This requires taking them to a pediatric dentist for a better experience than a typical general dentist. It’s even better when … Continued

Kids Teeth Cleaning: 3 Reasons for Regular Treatment

As a parent, it’s advisable to teach your kid the necessity of dental care early on. One way of doing this is conducting teeth cleanings regularly. The cleanings help keep your kid’s smile healthy and beautiful. It also helps prevent … Continued

Finding a Fun Dentist for Your Child

Dental needs aren’t limited to a specific age demographic. Everyone, young and old, may require a dentist for treatment, maintenance, and preventive services. Children are compact human beings, and they also undergo dental problems like adult patients. However, their needs … Continued

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