Dental x-rays for kids

Getting x-rays done is part of the routine dental visit, but are dental x-rays for kids safe? Dental teams take the utmost care when performing dental x-rays on patients of all ages. Not only do they use protective clothing and shields, but the exposure to x-rays is so tiny that it is safe and effective as a dental care tool. In fact, without dental x-rays, dentists would be unable to identify and treat many common dental issues. This makes x-rays a necessary part of any dental practice. 

Let’s examine why x-rays are necessary and how your dental team works hard to keep you, your children, and our technicians safe. 

Why Are Dental X-Rays Necessary? 

Dental x-rays help dentists identify dental issues before they become severe. For younger patients, pediatric dentists can use x-rays to check on their adult teeth before they grow and identify potential problems like jaw crowding. Dental x-rays can also specify things like gum and bone disease, tumors, and dental infections

Without dental x-rays, dentists would still be able to identify some common dental concerns, but it would take much more effort, and they would not be as precise in their treatments. Getting regular dental x-rays helps keep you healthier in the long run, as it can help identify concerns before they become more significant problems. 

Safety Measures of Our Dental X-Ray Machine

We follow state laws and regulations regarding our x-ray machines, including appropriate specialized training and safety procedures. Our goal is to image gently, exposing our patients and staff to as little radiation as possible to achieve clear images. Our safety precautions include led-lined vests to help prevent the risk of x-ray damage, using the smallest x-ray beam, and using fast-developing film to reduce exposure time. Sometimes, we may use thyroid collars to protect our patients during imaging further. 

Is Radiation Harmful?

While it is a good idea to be cautious around dangerous radiation as it can cause health issues, our dental practice is committed to the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) method of dental imaging and radiation exposure. Getting routine dental exams is unlikely to expose you to significant radiation levels, and even continual dental work will expose you to incredibly low radiation levels. While radiation can be harmful, getting dental x-rays is very low-risk and has low levels of radiation exposure. 

How Our Practice Keeps Your Child’s Health in Mind

Our practice uses NOMAD x-ray machines, which are so safe we even stay in the room with you while we take x-rays. NOMAD x-ray machines allow us to precisely target one area of your mouth, limiting your overall exposure to x-rays. These x-ray machines come with an acrylic shield and safety tube to reduce x-ray scattering, allowing our dental team to target x-ray sites directly without worrying about patient movement. 

While your child’s dental health is always our top priority, we also care about their overall health. Therefore, we limit x-rays to necessary situations and ensure all safety precautions when x-raying pediatric patients. If you have questions or concerns about our use of x-rays, talk to our dental team to find out more and to learn details about how we are committed to keeping you and your child safe.

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