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As a parent, it’s advisable to teach your kid the necessity of dental care early on. One way of doing this is conducting teeth cleanings regularly. The cleanings help keep your kid’s smile healthy and beautiful. It also helps prevent more anxiety-inducing and lengthier dentist visits.

You should practice brushing and flossing your child’s teeth daily, thus teaching them to do a better job while brushing independently. However, you should also take them to the dentist for regular cleanings to help get to the difficult-to-reach places in their mouth. Here are three reasons why your child will need regular teeth cleanings.

1. Kids Can Get Cavities

Kids are at high risk for cavities in the first decade of their life. Regular dental cleanings for kids help remove plaque from their teeth, thus preventing and identifying cavities early. Their cavities can worsen and spread without regular cleanings, thus causing more severe problems. Cleanings should begin when your child still has their baby teeth. It helps the teeth to stay healthy while allowing your child to chew comfortably. Plaque is the leading cause of cavities in kids. This acidic film sticks to their teeth and eats the tooth enamel. Regular cleanings help avoid plaque buildup.

2. Cavities Can Spread to Adult Teeth

Cavities in baby teeth can lead to infections that impact their permanent teeth. That’s because, with enough time, the bacteria in the teeth can grow and multiply into the bone. To prevent cavities from spreading to the permanent teeth, you should start good oral habits early by teaching your kid to brush twice a day and floss regularly. You can also take your kid for frequent teeth cleanings. If cavities are left untreated, they can also affect your kid’s overall health and lead to tooth loss or an abscess. In some cases, untreated cavities can lead to occlusion, growth, and jaw structure problems.

3. Starting Young Helps with Long Term Dental Health and Hygiene

Starting teeth cleanings early will help your kid achieve a bright white smile. It also improves their health by training them that caring for their teeth doesn’t only include brushing and flossing. Frequent cleanings help remove plaque and bacteria that can cause gum disease and cavities. It can also help your kid adapt to routine teeth cleanings while encouraging them to develop a new skill.

Regular cleanings can allow dentists to detect any medical conditions that your child might have. This will eventually lead to a bright smile and good breath. Before taking your kid to the dentist for a cleaning, you should begin brushing their teeth with a soft toothbrush and pea-sized toothpaste. However, if your child is between 0 to 18 months, you can only use water without toothpaste.

You should begin regular dental visits within six months after your baby gets their first tooth, and no later than age one. Their first few visits won’t include dental cleaning, but the child becomes more comfortable with the dentist. These visits also help your child become ready for their first cleaning. 

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